Documenting your Personal, Financial, and Medical Information
So YOUR family won't have to when they need it the most!


For years my dad refused to write his will, let alone document almost every aspect of his life. His belief was that if he planned out the inevitable it would produce an immediate response. Eventually he drafted a will and a living trust. While those are good documents to have, as they provide a partial view into one’s wishes, they do not provide a detailed roadmap your family needs to handle your affairs.

My mother-in-law wanted to organize her details but was always too busy. Like my father, she too left her family with the tasks of piecing together her life’s puzzle.

• Who to notify?
• What bills to pay?
• Where assets are located?
• When accounts should be closed?

They rummaged through filing cabinets, and piles of papers searching for pieces to her puzzle with no guidance. A year later, still working on the puzzle, they received a few holiday cards for her in the mail.

Apparently, they missed a few pieces.

Don't let this happen to YOUR family!  Start documenting today.

A companion to your will or a booklet on its own, Before The Sun Sets serves to allows you to provide vital details your family and/or attorney will need to settle your affairs. Ranging from who to contact, your assets and liabilities, social media accounts, medical history and more.
Should you become incapaciated this information will be essential for identfying and maintaining your assets, paying your obligations, and supporting your family. 


In this section you will document your basic biographical information, details of your immediate family, employment, social media and website accounts, and a list of those whom you want notified when your sun sets.

The purpose of this section is to identify who should be notified whether via phone, email or social media, and provide your family those key personal details they will need in filling out any forms.


In this section you will document your financial history such as bank accounts, credit cards, insurance, investments, assets and liabilities.

The purpose of this section is to identify your assets and liabilities so they can be valued and bills paid.  Should you be incapacitated it will assist your family to help ensure finances stay in order.


In this section you will document your physician(s), organ donor status, and medical history.  

The purpose of this section is to provide information to your family in case you are incapacitated and they can relay your medical history to your providers.  

Before the Sun Sets is NOT a legal document.  
This booklet is a questionnaire, intake form to document the main areas of your life's puzzle.  While not a legal document it can be beneficial to your family and/or attorney to assist in drafting such legal forms as a Will, Durable Power of Healthcare / Finance, and Living Will as much of the information you detail in Before the Sun Sets may be asked about to create any of those estate planning forms.



Version 1:  Hard Copy / Print
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Version 2: Editable PDF version 
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The Will Kit includes an editable PDF document to assist in identifying key information needed to begin drafting your Will.

Additional documents to consider including with your Will:

Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare
Durable Power of Attorney for Finances
Living Will
DNR Orders




The New Testament is comprised of 27 books or a total of 260 chapters. This booklet provides a summary of each of those chapters. The goal is to be a guide to support you on your journey while you learn more about the Lord Jesus, his ministry, his purpose, and his return. While the summaries may not convey every aspect mentioned in each chapter, they will convey key details to help you as you read the full text in the bible. In some instances commentary, recommendations, and/or references are provided to lead you to other resources to help as you grow in the knowledge of the Lord.




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